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  • give hipplo master duelist @ 14th level instead of elegant maneuver?, stroke of luck @clvl 20?, milo gets primal champion instead of ability score improvement @clvl 20?
  • jake being followed by a sprite who approves more and more of his generosity
  • finish detailing stone wood
  • give npcs names and personalities
  • figure out how dinosaurs fit in
  • generate weather
  • detail the various hexes
  • don't forget goblins
  • the arrival of Xov allowed the arrival of a herald of Llerg as well. It arrives at the nearest woodland with a pack of dretch and quickly make their way to the Frost Palace, where the high priest rises as a nosferatu.
  • bandit kingdoms will ask for an assassination among their southern neighbors (in Dimre by the forest or Johrase, directly south (, but if the party suggests it, around 14 castings of plant growth per year is a fair trade (although they'd like closer to 30).
  • Finish magic item cost rules
  • Water weird in druid paths wants to dance with the party before it lets them in. Ice caverns form the paths.
  • Later, to use druid side paths, a korred guardian will want to dance with the party to let them pass, having heard of their skills.
  • party wants to help Senningford against bandits. Bandits are out of rookroost, which is huge and scary, under Arus Mortoth. Is there a mission the party can perform to gain cooperation from Rookroost? What would they have to do to dissuade them from taking resources from Senningford?
  • remember to have guardian of druid under paths when leaving oxton area.
  • work out who has been at frost palace before the invaders, decide what happened with them. Probably laid out in a courtyard, mostly. Maybe there was a funeral pyre. Take into account that it was winter - hard to dig, maybe not too much firewood, but frozen corpses don't smell
  • maybe some fey noticed Jake casting plant growth, wants to reward him for it. Helps out the kingdom in some way.
  • include a robe of useful items or similar for Oli?
  • green dragon inn has 3 seating areas - common tables near the door, good seats by the bar, fancy seats in the raised section. CR tiers 1,2,3.
  • at NNHoney == 5 lots, give kingdom building xp for full village
  • have mini-quests (1-2 sessions each, hopefully 1 session) to speed/help cost of city lots
    • recruit gnomes/dwarves for militia, digging dump and tunnels, etc.
    • rare book for library?
    • track down missing dragon for Dountham in exchange for tannery, maybe army support?
    • escort quest for exotic artisan from Dimashq
    • open teleport circle for air elementals for help with windmill?
  • jokes about (french accent) sunglassiers, and getting some from a gnome. follow up on this?
  • exploring scalewood might take quite a bit of time allowing for a good chunk of kingdom advancement. Maybe don't need too long a downtime. Consider other ways of active time spending. Diplomatic missions to places?
  • greyhawk needs a gruff voiced foul beggar
  • instead of scimitar of speed, Marquis Yosef has a Sylvan Scimitar, which adds its magical +1 bonus to any claw attacks of the wielder
  • write up Barton's stats
  • consider how the druid tomb trap might be disarmed
  • update dice cloud to 8th level
  • Rough adventure order:
    • White Ox 8 -> 9
    • Conquest of the Scalewood 9 -> 10? 11?
    • Rookroost Raids?
    • Kingdom of the Ghouls (should go from about 10-12 with prep quests (about 36000xp each char), then up to 13 or 14ish assaulting the ghoul armies and the main city?)
    • fogback attack?
    • crabwalk of the slaads 15-17
    • return of durgeddin 18-20
  • Quill wants to lead an expedition back to elven village, get some of his stuff and finish looting the place. Sharing with those he brings, could still donate 1 BP to the kingdom
  • will Ulren be able to come after the lasso?
  • at some point, Althon's collection of Durgeddin blades, Milo's blade, and Durgeddin's anvil if the party has it are seized by devils or something. Durgeddin or his soul has been trapped, and someone is trying to use him to forge a world-threatening weapon. Maybe orc-affiliated? orcs would remember durgeddin, and like fury. if the party has helped elves in the past, maybe there's a way they can get correlon's help to take out gruumsh's other eye? Durgeddin could be a horned devil (maybe improved), ruling an army of bearded dveils (appropriate), with subisidiary other creatures like imps, merregons, spined devils, etc. Things that use weapons.
  • Ashardalon might reappear on the mortal plane, and start causing problems?
  • look up treasures of ashardalon
  • write up consolidated kingdom rules
  • at session ends when they're not rested, get hp, hd and spell stats
  • as wandering monsters in nadagiri, have patrol of true ghouls
  • army stats, get to it! >:)
  • hipplo wants pipeweed garden
  • How deep underground is the ghoul city?
  • Ino might use her position as tollkeeper to get information about valuable passing cargos, which could then be exchanged to less scrupulous individuals for profit.
  • Beings of elemental earth may invade Nadagiri, to try to overthrow the power of elemental air in the barony
  • If there's an imbalance of elemental air, maybe lean into it and we'll start having flying buildings/towns/whatever?
  • Have updates from/for the various govt positions. Spymaster and Warden might be especially interesting. Quick treasurer updates, ofc, etc.
  • stat block for alonsa - she should have a shield and sword at least
    • Also stat block for the copper knight who reported on the shadow veil to us
  • Have stats for Barony of Rashvar
  • why did Telchur imprison Vatun? To keep him from hassling Telchur's sister.
  • more importantly, have stats for goblin hex, jadarta Barony
  • Telchur may want help keeping Vatun imprisoned (which he likely did when Vatun offended one of Telchur's sisters). Maybe this means stopping the blades of corusk from being collected.
  • Make player webpage
  • Death carpet worth about 50gp towards cost of a cloak of protection
  • finish figuring out milo's ritual book
  • Manor something like this?:
  • Cluck Norris the axebeak. Also Bawk Choy, Andernie
  • Maybe Telchur needs help removing an obligation to Belial, who helped him imprison Vatun
  • Enthusiastic brewer druid might want del to acquire some special hard to acquire brewing ingredient from the depths of a dungeon
  • To develop descriptions of plays, use chaotic shiny tarot card (also gives the play's name), crowd, and motive generators.
  • make gm cheat sheet
  • Magic items are likely to come from Dimashk
  • scraps of black leather cut out into bat shapes that can animate
  • as the party reaches higher levels and travels more, people from far-off places are more likely to try to contact them for exceptionally difficult quests
  • maybe Kiki the dragon can get the party into a quest?, and /or the copper knights? Or she's disappeared when the knights get back home from working for us? Did she disappear into some extraplanar dungeon? besides rescuing her, what else? did she go there to solve a problem that still needs solved? Has she stirred something up that is now going to be a problem?
  • set up reverse links from wiki pages
  • Joramy, volcano goddess might get stirred up?
  • Slaadi suddenly evolve into crab shapes, realize they're related to the tarrasque, go on a planar rampage?
  • figure out rules for skill training - maybe usually it doesn't last long? - for permanent, have it cast like a magic item or double that or something
  • Druid Ways will need to be cleared of their demonic problems. Maybe the druids send out multiple teams to try to find the problem? Of course, the party ends up at the center of it.

Game Info

Session Summaries

Level 1

Level 2

  • Session 3, Feb 10, 2020 - Capture of the White Dragon Wyrmling
  • Session 4, Feb 17, 2020 - Rescue of the Lost

Level 3

  • Session 5, Mar 2, 2020 - Taking it Easy
  • Session 6, Mar 9, 2020 - A Real Trip Through the Hills
  • Session 7, Mar 16, 2020 - Legwork
  • Session 8, Mar 23, 2020 - Enter the Mountain Door
  • Session 9, Mar 30, 2020 - Brief Bunkroom Battle
  • Session 10, Apr 6, 2020 - Defeat of the Great Ulfe

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

  • Session 51, August 16, 2021 - To Dantredun!
  • Session 52, August 23, 2021 - Fun Storming the Castle
  • Session 53, September 13, 2021 - Bunkroom Butchery
  • Session 54, September 20, 2021 - Clearing the Frost Palace
  • Session 55, September 27, 2021 - Telchur Restored

Level 10



  • Ambertarn? - Large, deep, mysterious lake, amber sometimes washes up on its shores
  • Ashen Waste? - Mentioned in Sunless Citadel
  • Daerskinnar Castle - Former seat of power, now controlled by a mage ogre and his goblin archers and servants
  • Dwarven Road? - Network of caves and tunnels, basically following the course of the Realstream, connecting Rashvar and Beruak
  • Eel River? - Flows out of Ambertarn
  • Fetid Fens? - Home to otyughs and other bizarre creatures
  • Harrow Mound - An entrance to the vargouille-haunted druidic Ways of the World. Also has vine blights and mephits.
  • Latefrost Moor? - Home to an ogre mage and many boar
  • Mount Ire - Volcano northeast of Blasingdell
  • Nadagiri Valley - Baronetcy earned by the party
  • Scalewood - Valley in the north Barrier Peaks
  • Shaeja River Gorge - Home to a village of Naiad herbalists
  • Shala Forest? - on both sides of the Shala River
  • Shala River - Flows out of the Nadagiri Valley and flows down the Sheldomar Valley to join with the Realstream in the Dim Forest.
  • Skaglea Hills? - The hills in and around Skaglea Barony. There are ogres.
  • Sparrowpoint - Ruined village on the shore of Ambertarn, now home to vegepygmies and stirges.
  • Sunless Citadel? - See the adventure module for details.
  • Burneal Forest



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