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  • consider how the druid tomb trap might be disarmed
  • update dice cloud to 7th level
  • Rough adventure order:
    • White Ox
    • Conquest of the Scalewood
    • Kingdom of the Ghouls (should go from abour 9-11 prep quests (about 36000xp each char), then up to 12 or 13ish assaulting the ghoul armies and the main city?)
  • Quill wants to lead an expedition back to elven village, get some of his stuff and finish looting the place. Sharing with those he brings, could still donate 1 BP to the kingdom
  • will Ulren be able to come after the lasso?
  • at some point, Althon's collection of Durgeddin blades, Milo's blade, and Durgeddin's anvil if the party has it are seized by devils or something. Durgeddin or his soul has been trapped, and someone is trying to use him to forge a world-threatening weapon. Maybe orc-affiliated? orcs would remember durgeddin, and like fury. if the party has helped elves in the past, maybe there's a way they can get correlon's help to take out gruumsh's other eye?
  • Ashardalon might reappear on the mortal plane, and start causing problems?
  • look up treasures of ashardalon
  • write up consolidated kingdom rules
  • at session ends when they're not rested, get hp, hd and spell stats
  • as wandering monsters in nadagiri, have patrol of true ghouls
  • army stats, get to it! >:)
  • hipplo wants pipeweed garden
  • How deep underground is the ghoul city?
  • Ino might use her position as tollkeeper to get information about valuable passing cargos, which could then be exchanged to less scrupulous individuals for profit.
  • Beings of elemental earth may invade Nadagiri, to try to overthrow the power of elemental air in the barony
  • If there's an imbalance of elemental air, maybe lean into it and we'll start having flying buildings/towns/whatever?
  • Have updates from/for the various govt positions. Spymaster and Warden might be especially interesting. Quick treasurer updates, ofc, etc.
  • stat block for alonsa - she should have a shield and sword at least
  • birthday party for Althon - maybe base his generosity on gifts to him? His birthday is 14th of Sunsebb, He'll be turning 56 this year. The reincarnation spell usually removes a person from the nobility.
  • Baron Althon is an old man in poor health. If the PC's baronetcy continues for a while, it's entirely possible that Althon may die of old age. The PC could inherit not only his weapon collection, his beer, wine, and spirits, but his entire estate - he doesn't have any heirs.... Is acquiring the upper Fals River Valley, and reclaiming Thornward a good campaign ending? Would finding a secret cave route above the falls of mists to the springs of the Fals river be useful for a conquest?
  • Have stats for Barony of Rashvar
  • why did Telchur imprison Vatun? To convince the ice barbarians to leave the northlands. Could they be convinced to do so?
  • more importantly, have stats for goblin hex, jadarta Barony
  • party may begin having dreams of walking through a snow storm, being observed by a tall, gaunt man in furs, with pale skin and a beard and hair made of icicles.
  • Telchur may want help keeping Vatun imprisoned (which he likely did when Vatun offended one of Telchur's sisters). Maybe this means stopping the blades of corusk from being collected.
  • Make player webpage
  • Death carpet worth about 50gp towards cost of a cloak of protection
  • plan adventure figuring out why xorn haven't overrun the valley with all its gems
  • finish figuring out milo's ritual book
  • lair of dragon druid has vines and stuff to swing from
  • Manor something like this?:
  • Cluck Norris the axebeak. Also Bawk Choy, Andernie
  • have jake's druidic language abilty be useful at some point
  • Maybe Telchur needs help removing an obligation to Belial, who helped him imprison Vatun
  • Enthusiastic brewer druid might want del to acquire some special hard to acquire brewing ingredient from the depths of a dungeon
  • To develop descriptions of plays, use chaotic shiny tarot card (also gives the play's name), crowd, and motive generators.
  • figure out a few more guild members, random npcs, and quests
  • make gm cheat sheet
  • make sure players have character sheets
  • Matthau's General Store gets filled in wherever needed (run by young helpful human man, with suspenders, white shirt and brown hair and pants)
  • Magic items are likely to come from Dimashk
  • scraps of black leather cut out into bat shapes that can animate
  • at some point, hook Del up with a Rod of the Python?
  • as the party reaches higher levels and travels more, people from far-off places are more likely to try to contact them for exceptionally difficult quests
  • set up reverse links from wiki pages
  • figure out rules for skill training - maybe usually it doesn't last long? - for permanent, have it cast like a magic item or double that or something

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  • Ambertarn? - Large, deep, mysterious lake, amber sometimes washes up on its shores
  • Ashen Waste? - Mentioned in Sunless Citadel
  • Daerskinnar Castle - Former seat of power, now controlled by a mage ogre and his goblin archers and servants
  • Dwarven Road? - Network of caves and tunnels, basically following the course of the Realstream, connecting Rashvar and Beruak
  • Eel River? - Flows out of Ambertarn
  • Fetid Fens? - Home to otyughs and other bizarre creatures
  • Harrow Mound - An entrance to the vargouille-haunted druidic Ways of the World. Also has vine blights and mephits.
  • Latefrost Moor? - Home to an ogre mage and many boar
  • Mount Ire - Volcano northeast of Blasingdell
  • Nadagiri Valley - Baronetcy earned by the party
  • Shaeja River Gorge - Home to a village of Naiad herbalists
  • Shala Forest? - on both sides of the Shala River
  • Shala River - Flows out of the Nadagiri Valley and flows down the Sheldomar Valley to join with the Realstream in the Dim Forest.
  • Skaglea Hills? - The hills in and around Skaglea Barony. There are ogres.
  • Sparrowpoint - Ruined village on the shore of Ambertarn, now home to vegepygmies and stirges.
  • Sunless Citadel? - See the adventure module for details.



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