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  • To develop descriptions of plays, use chaotic shiny tarot card (also gives the play's name), crowd, and motive generators.


  • Beruak - Has the Dwarven Road, a tunnel to Rashvar
  • Dimashq - Has ogres, Warrens, and a Blacksmith's shop
  • Dountham - Has halflings, temple ruins, and a guildhall
  • Ebbernant - Has some dwarves, an aristocrat, and an evil obelisk
  • Fyrkhol - Has fey, forest crafts, a smithy and a bound demon in an arch
  • Mistyvale - Mostly dwarves and gnomes, has the Luminous Odeum
  • Nadagiri - Has Mestil's Hauberks, the Inn of 1000 doors, and a theater
  • Oakhurst - Has the Pavillion of Parakoll the Juggler
  • Rashvar - Mostly dwarves, has a guildhall and the Silver Odeum
  • Saltrenhill - Many halflings, has the Hunter's Meadhall and Vulnac's Blades
  • Shakara - Some elves, has a woodworks and a magic clock tower
  • Thawr - Has halflings and a ghostly ruined keep
  • Thornward? - The former capitol controlled jointly by four countries
  • Truelight - Has gnomes, rather a weird place


  • Ambertarn? - Large, deep, mysterious lake, amber sometimes washes up on its shores
  • Ashen Waste? - Mentioned in Sunless Citadel
  • Daerskinnar Castle - Former seat of power, now controlled by a mage ogre and his goblin archers and servants
  • Dwarven Road? - Network of caves and tunnels, basically following the course of the Realstream, connecting Rashvar and Beruak
  • Eel River? - Flows out of Ambertarn
  • Harrow Mound - An entrance to the vargouille-haunted druidic Ways of the World. Also has vine blights and mephits.
  • Latefrost Moor? - Home to an ogre mage and many boar
  • Shala River? - Flows out of the Nadagiri Valley and flows down the Sheldomar Valley to join with the Realstream in the Dim Forest.
  • Sparrowpoint - Ruined village on the shore of Ambertarn, now home to vegepygmies and stirges.
  • Sunless Citadel? - See the adventure module for details.


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