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  • Jake wants to get some improved armor
  • Hipplo might want to trade his weapons for ones that don't require attunement while we're in a big city
  • night vision source for Hipplo
  • mayor of blasingdell still looks tired, but actually seems like he has energy now. is getting a town guard more organised, now that he can't rely on/doesn't have to worry about werewolf rangers. Is inspired by the character's upcoming investiture, doesn't want to look bad in comparison.
  • tobacco of fog cloud
  • have jake's druidic language abilty be useful at some point
  • don't forget to have sword theft attempt
  • have at least rough outline of what to do after cult is dealt with/avoided and smuggling is accomplished
  • In winter, an avatar of Telchur might appear/arrive to thank/reward the party, and/or give them some kind of quest. Maybe the quest starts by returning to where the club and dead tree were consecrated by the party. Maybe Telchur needs deniable assets, people who can work for him but aren't obviously affiliated with him. Maybe he needs help removing an obligation to Belial, who helped him imprison Vatun
  • Enthusiastic brewer druid might want del to acquire some special hard to acquire brewing ingredient from the depths of a dungeon
  • owlbears could be in Nightwatch woods around Dimashq
  • finish updating dicecloud characters
  • crag lords factions need leaders / bbegs
  • Is there anyone the characters would like to invite to their investitures?
  • Baron Althon will give gift of outfits at his tailor - the one who makes bags of holding etc. The party might find out she makes other magic items. If they return to find her later, she might have disappeared, trying to get revenge on Heward or something
  • del armor options: ankheg, basilisk, bulette, dragons, giant crocodile, hook horrors, hydras, umber hulks
  • Other future quests: The Griffon Raid, The Settlers of Nadagiri Valley, Hoard of the Missing Dragon
  • To develop descriptions of plays, use chaotic shiny tarot card (also gives the play's name), crowd, and motive generators.
  • figure out a few more guild members, random npcs, and quests
  • describe naiad village
  • make gm cheat sheet
  • make sure players have character sheets
  • Matthau's General Store gets filled in wherever needed (run by young helpful human man, with suspenders, white shirt and brown hair and pants)
  • Magic items are likely to come from Dimashk
  • scraps of black leather cut out into bat shapes that can animate
  • at some point, hook Del up with a Rod of the Python
  • set up reverse links from wiki pages
  • figure out rules for skill training - maybe usually it doesn't last long? - for permanent, have it cast like a magic item or double that or something

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  • Ambertarn? - Large, deep, mysterious lake, amber sometimes washes up on its shores
  • Ashen Waste? - Mentioned in Sunless Citadel
  • Daerskinnar Castle - Former seat of power, now controlled by a mage ogre and his goblin archers and servants
  • Dwarven Road? - Network of caves and tunnels, basically following the course of the Realstream, connecting Rashvar and Beruak
  • Eel River? - Flows out of Ambertarn
  • Fetid Fens? - Home to otyughs and other bizarre creatures
  • Harrow Mound - An entrance to the vargouille-haunted druidic Ways of the World. Also has vine blights and mephits.
  • Latefrost Moor? - Home to an ogre mage and many boar
  • Mount Ire - Volcano northeast of Blasingdell
  • Shaeja River Gorge - Home to a village of Naiad herbalists
  • Shala Forest? - on both sides of the Shala River
  • Shala River - Flows out of the Nadagiri Valley and flows down the Sheldomar Valley to join with the Realstream in the Dim Forest.
  • Skaglea Hills? - The hills in and around Skaglea Barony. There are ogres.
  • Sparrowpoint - Ruined village on the shore of Ambertarn, now home to vegepygmies and stirges.
  • Sunless Citadel? - See the adventure module for details.



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