AshardalonGM / Session22

  • arrived in Dimashq, had trouble locating Russala's tower, but it was easy to find a passer-by to provide directions.
  • She was friendly, and when asked how she could work fast, demonstrated some magical skills
  • She explained about Heward stealing his pack design from her, and the party offered to hassle him for her, she demurred, said just to tell him off if they see him.
  • Everything was ready the next day by noon, and Del tipped well, impressing Russala
  • earth-tone robes for Del, blue/grey/black scholar robes for Milo, jaunty earth tones (brown/russet/ochre) for Hipplo - not something impossible to hide in.
  • Uneventful travel to Thornward, aside from thunderstorms
  • The party guised themselves as circus performers to bypass gate guards - guards were mostly unimpressed, but they handily won over the apprentice wizard responsible for scanning magical equipment, who let them through without insisting on Del returning to his usual form, and also directed them to a new theater in the Ketite quarter.
  • In the dark evening, the party noticed a group of unsavory types menacing a scruffy robed half elf near an overpass. The ruffians attempted to noose the half-elf, named Oleanthus, and eventually brought him near death with a deadly wounds spell, but the party eventually slew or ran off all the attackers (The cultists succeeded wildly on all saves VS toll the dead, appropriately)
  • They are planning on recuperating in a tavern, and then probably heading off in search of Ollie's hat of disguise which a thief ran off with to lure Ollie into the ambush, and then afterwards probably go to Baron Althon's townhouse
  • finished mid-evening 5th Reaping
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