AshardalonGM / Padstow


    Approximately 3300; mixed human and elf.


  • Padstow is governed by a court of aristocrats, led by a male human named Gilew.

Notable Places:

  • The Guildhall: An impressive timber and brick building, decorated with wrought-iron lamps. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.
  • The Coliseum: A large hexagonal amphitheatre, known for its sporting competitions.
  • The Crossed Staves: A large dwarven inn, said to be built atop the tomb of a necromancer.

A few NPCs:

  • Joycie Drove: Female Human Servant, Evil. Joycie is rugged in appearance, with thick black hair and bright blue eyes. She wears worn clothing and carries an ash staff. Joycie seeks to free herself from an ancient curse.
  • Locha: Female Elf Servant, Good. Locha has thin red hair and amber eyes, and numerous distinctive tattoos. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt. Locha has an animal companion, a hawk named Bane.
  • Cala: Male Human Peasant, Good. Cala is common in appearance, with braided auburn hair and gray eyes. He wears travel-stained clothing and a bronze amulet. Cala speaks with a whispery voice.

Market Notable NPCs:

  • Bruna: Female Human Wineseller, Evil. Bruna is exceptionally beautiful, with red hair and dark amber eyes. She wears worn clothing and an iron amulet. Bruna is known for her generosity to beggars and waifs.
  • Weyna: Female Human Wineseller, Neutral. Weyna is pleasant in appearance, with thick silver hair and hazel eyes. She wears travel-stained clothing and several pouches hang from her belt. Weyna claims that her wines were made by the elves and laid into cellars many decades ago.
  • Wulfre: Male Human Poulter, Neutral. Wulfre is short and heavyset, with red hair and hazel eyes. He wears worn clothing and several small tools hang from his belt. Wulfre specializes in butchered griffons and other chimeric fowl.
  • Nichye: Male Human Slaver, Evil. Nichye has cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and prominent ears. He wears worn clothing and riding boots. Nichye will purchase monster teeth for a silver coin each.

Orb Village Notable Places:

  • The Guardhouse: A stout stone-walled building, a station of of the town guard. It adjoins a walled courtyard used to detain thieves and scofflaws.

A few NPCs:

  • Gelwy: Male Human Peasant, Evil. Gelwy has braided white hair and hazel eyes. He wears plain clothing and several pouches hang from his belt. Gelwy is disloyal and unfeeling.
  • Malia: Female Human Scholar, Evil. Malia has braided blonde hair and bright green eyes, and a round nose. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt. Malia has an animal companion, a red fox named Ealchfric.
  • Edad: Female Human Fighter, Neutral. Edad has blonde hair and sharp gray eyes, and prominent ears. She wears plate mail and wields a battle axe and heavy crossbow. Edad suffers an acute fear of darkness.
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