AshardalonGM / Session25

  • Explored what was left of the temple dungeons - not much.
  • Saw huge handholds punched into the sinkhole wall, some remnants in the treasury not carried off by the spy who'd fled there with Oli's hat
  • climbed out, made ourselves scarce, went to Baron's townhouse
  • met his retainer, Tatum (I think I used a different name for him in the session)
  • got the goods sorted out, loaded into the bag of holding
  • bought a cart to transport Oli, his friends, the last chest, etc. out of the city
  • We went down to the river, we agreed on a meetup, Del went octopus, we bribed our way out of the gates with the chest of literature, met up with Del
  • finished mid-morning, 6th Reaping
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