AshardalonGM / WerewolvesOfNadagiri

  • female Dwarven bard - Sanzir
  • female human paladin - Aenod?
  • female elven fighter - Ilaren
  • dire wolf 'mount'
  • Paladin uses Telchur's weapon
  • Group still fights town's enemies in the valley
  • they've noticed weird wisps o' dark in the valley
  • three werewolves (or maybe more if fought at higher levels) - may be extremely difficult
  • Thornstaff the druid has much information about them
  • The king (technically "Margrave")will reward anyone who frees them of their curse with title, estate, and gold
    • The Margrave is old, and not as healthy as he once was
  • Band of the black moon took Telchurs +3 bronzewood club Tla from its dead tree altar, and almost freezing to death, chopped down the tree and used it for fire wood. They were cursed as werewolves. The club needs to be returned to an appropriate tree in frost and then hallowed, and then the curse can be lifted by normal means.
  • possible baronetcies
    • Drymarsh, near Dountham - nice, calm, humble, easily left to its own devices, just collect the taxes - can afford wealthy lifestyle at home, or comfortable elsewhere
    • Daerskinnar - most opportunity for expansion, could control all of Horsehills
    • Jadarta Valley - medium level of responsibility, remote, valuable undeveloped land
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