AshardalonGM / Session14

  • Took west corridor from first dry well room, listened at doors
  • heard something in furthest south room, set up trap with ball bearing, entangle spell
  • skeletons came into hall, mostly slipped, one skated through
  • defeated skeletons
  • went east, searching as we went
  • found arundil's room, with rug of smothering, tried to pin it with thaumaturgy
  • it escaped, slithered into hall, grabbed Susse, Jake damaged it with acid, eventually we finished it
  • kept going, found old armory, detected animated armor, entangled and defeated it
  • last few rooms, jake found an agate
  • last room, opened, found a dwarven maiden who claimed to have been bound there to a demon
  • Del went to comfort her, almost got health drained
  • Susse got charmed, health drained, survived, snapped out of it
  • Milo got charmed, Jake went tiger form, pounced, kept her from Milo, we eventually triumphed
  • rested, searched, found treasure, scrolls
  • ended 9am 16 Wealsun
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