AshardalonGM / LegacyOfAzurehorn

  • From talking with Susse, an unscrupulous mage has learned of azure horn, and suspects that it could be used to gain entrance to the tomb of the dragon druid, which only opens for dragon kind.
  • he will try to steal the blade, but might not succeed, and is open to negotiation or some sort of partnership. Need to figure out some of his backstory and motives.
  • probably the tomb is near Ket, has blue dragon themes
  • rewards could be something like scale mail allowing Del to take the form of a blue dragon wyrmling
  • instead of an unscrupulous mage, it's the Dwarven bard Sanzir who knows about Azure born and what it can open. She and Ilaren will probably hang out at the Griffins Nest waiting for the party. Leader will be working with the mayor to get town guard back in shape.
  • dragon likely green and foresty rather than blue and desert - y
  • the pair are unlikely to go themselves, Sanzir is happy to be back in civilization, and Ilaren isn't likely to go looking for that sort of trouble
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