AshardalonGM / Rashvar

Rashvar, Fortified Large Town

  • Approximately 4000; mostly dwarf, some human and gnome.
  • Rashvar is governed by an order of knights and warriors, led by a male dwarf named ...

Important Places

  • ...'s Masonry: A modest stonemason's workshop, hewn from a single massive outcrop of rock.
  • The Silver Odeum: A grand stone-walled theatre, known for its halfling slice of life plays.
  • The Guildhall: An impressive half-timbered building, decorated with finely carved gargoyles. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds.
  • The Dwarven Road: A wide tunnel extends from here to the town of Beruak. The tunnel is accessed through a shaft, within which a sturdy platform is raised and lowered by a massive windlass of hewn stone and timber.


  • Rashvar specializes in mining and metalwork.
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