AshardalonGM / Ebbernant

Ebbernant, Fortified Small Township

  • Approximately 1700; primarily human, some dwarf.
  • Ebbernant is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human lord Vurnor Leng.
  • High thick town walls of dwarven stonework
  • The town seems prosperous but overworked. Enough money, but not enough ability to enjoy it.

Important Places

  • A tall obelisk of polished agate, placed to honor Joramy, Goddess of volcanoes and wrath. The townsfolk make offerings to keep the local volcano appeased.
  • The Wolf's Lodge: This inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with several stained glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor.


  • Hamil - Serious old herbalist


  • Ebbernant specializes in defence, and weaving, milling, and other industries using waterwheels, windmills, etc.
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