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Dountham, Unfortified Small Township

  • Approximately 1300; mixed human and halfling.
  • Dountham is governed by the Copper Knights, a company of warriors, in general they They are secretly backed by a copper dragon named Kikirindra, who basically has the personality of a huge ferret.
  • The town has the feel of a wild west town, wooden buildings, dusty wide dirt streets, surrounded by ranches.

Important Places

  • An ancient temple ruins, said to lie atop catacombs filled with long-forgotten treasures. Use
  • The Guildhall: A grand stone-walled building, once an aristocrat's manor. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.
  • The Old Archer Tavern: Presumably, it is named for its next door neighbor. A two-story stone-walled building, with a vaulted common room and a thatched roof. The bartender is a tall, half elven woman named Vera, who has a identical twin Elya who works the opposite shift. Serves biscuits and gravy, fried eggs and sausage, bean soup, roast boar, and pickled beets. Accomodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots.
  • Awal's Arrows: An incredibly old elf bowyer and fletcher. Also makes crossbows, using clockwork from the tinker's across the street.
  • Enen's Clockwork: Run by a bustling, distracted halfling woman, this place is a mess of gears, latches, escapements, and other clockwork miscellania. Anyone entering, is usually greeting with a call from behind some pile of mechanisms "I'm not a gnome, thanks!"
  • Copper Hall: Headquarters of the Copper Knights, this is a barn-like building devoted mostly to combat rings and an indoor archery range, with tables, wooden support beams, and weapon racks cluttering the rest of the space.


  • Copper Knights: Run by Captain Barton, a sturdy man with greying hair and a thick moustache, who resembles an old west sheriff. Usual armament for the group is chain shirt, short sword, and hand crossbow (with crossbow expert). Headquartered in Copper Hall, but Barton usually prefers to hang out at the tavern when he's in town.


  • Dountham specializes in warfare, trading, and ranching.
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