AshardalonGM / Session15

  • reported back to dark dwarves, finished arranging weapon purchases.
  • Durgeddin weapons will be back in 2d3+2 days
  • Started forging furious weapons immediately - short sword first, then dagger, then spear - 4 days each
  • Headed to Sinkhole
  • explored storage rooms - noticed and ID'd black pudding, noped out
  • fought roper, long combat
  • headed to dwarf crypts, epic fight, got ambushed, hipplo especially carved up mooks
  • chief stood off blasting, jake charged as lion form, was already injured, chief fled, hurt jake more, turned invis twice, came back, hipplo made super tough distance shot to throat, also took down fleeing mook, susse chased down final fleeing mook, we got durg's warhammer
  • finished 10am 18 wealsun
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