AshardalonGM / Session3

  • after a bit of discussion with the goblin shaman, ran in and grappled wyrmling with blankets
  • rolled well on social checks, dragon calmed down and came with the party
  • met w/kobold queen, chose magic key and tree token as rewards
  • rested up, leveled up, and trained henchfolk
  • back to goblin king's chamber, down the pit
  • fought skeletons and twig blights in fungus garden, milo got torn up a bit
  • jake turned into a spider, we all went north to bubear's room
  • chris did really well negotiating w/bugbear, got some level layout info
  • Alika charged in with rope, Jake webbed bugbear, chris tossed on lamp oil, henchman added torch, bugbear died
  • Alika's rope was ruined, chris picked up swords from chamber wall
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