Rise of the Runelords

To do

  • get potions, potion belt for edwina
  • potion belt for Orik, too, give him cure wounds if he doesn't have them, and buy him useful ones
  • remove the haunt at Foxglove Manor (probably by asking the Magnimar priestess of Desna for a favor)
  • come back, fix up shadow clock
  • work up jokes for other creature types
  • deal with fussy turtleback huge tentacle beast
  • get scrolls of liberating command
  • figure out how long to regain former devil's lost levels, don't forget to check on them
  • allocate the ioun stone
  • make sure skull dam is fixed up
  • distribute magic items
  • retcon figure out magic statue in ogre caves
  • do upgrades from random notes on phone
  • get reimbursed by Magnimar mayor for expenses (mostly clw wand and farm steward salary)



Session Summaries

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