RoRL / RoRL-Session4

Session 4

The party travels to the Tickwood with Aldern Foxglove, where they are wined and dined, in addition to going on a boar hunt. Foxglove buys the party horses and a lovely floral broach for Tirayme. Fulbert is wounded by the boar. In the end, though, Tirayme kills the boar (after Black Feather struck it twice), and the party returns victorious. Aldern pays for healing for Fulbert. While they are enjoying their roast boar at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko's father comes in and is rude to her. Black Feather is pretty rude to him in return. Ameiko throws her father out and extends her offer for Black Feather and Fulbert to stay at the inn for another week.

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