RoRL / RoRL-Session24

  • Got letter of intro to sanatorium from sheriff
  • It's an old creaky place
  • doctor seems kinda sketchy
  • patient has a message for Tiraimi - If she meets 'His Lordship' at 'His Misgivings' to 'join his pack', the attacks will stop. This probably means Aldern Foxglove is behind them.
  • patient wasn't well cared for, doctor asks us to keep quiet about it, his orderlies attack.
  • the patient breaks free and attacks, we defeat all them, the doctor surrenders and is manacled
  • he blames everything on a 'necromancer in the basement'. We all buy it.
  • a necromancer shows up from the basment, is heavily injured and retreats
  • we all follow necromance, except Edwina stays to watch the doctor
  • doctor rushes Edwina, runs for the door
  • we handily take care of Necromancer, search his basement lab, find magic loot, maps of ghoul sightings
  • upstairs, doctor seems cooperative, we search the rest of the place, find lots of suspicious creepy surgical tools, but doctor assures us successfully that all is well.
  • we'll be back later to check on him, but will let him be for the moment.
  • don't forget to fight sinspawn to drain the sandpoint runewell
  • finished early afternoon, 9 Neth 4707
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