RoRL / RoRL-Session9

  • Went back to the Rusty Dragon from the tunnels under Sandpoint
  • Quietly told Ameiko what had gone on
  • Edwina and Tiraimi went home, Edwina locked up loot in her room
  • Met at noon, went to Cathedral, Zantus healed us up
  • Quink wasn't at home, we went to bookstore, he was there arguing with the shopkeep and the local academy headmaster
  • Left book with shop owner
  • Quink and headmaster cam with us to the tunnel, ID'd alaznist & lamashtu statues, No idead about summoning chamber glowing fluid
  • We went to round levitation room, got bottle of wine and dead raven
  • Searched old study, collected text scraps for the scholars, found flaming sphere scroll
  • Went back to bookstore, found that abyssal tome was a lamashtu prayerbook worth 100 gp
  • (Instead of bookstore, Black Feather spent an hour burying the dead raven from the levitation room
  • Finished afternoon 1 Lamashan
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