RoRL / RoRL-Session28

  • Followed Iesha into tunnels
  • Got attacked by ghouls - finished them off handily
  • at the entrance to a huge cavern with seawater at the bottom - Iesha was pounding on a door, the spiral ramp down had four goblin ghasts
  • Black Feather's summoned ravens held off the goblins fairly well but got paralyzed quite soon, we finihsed off the goblins just as Iesha got the door open
  • Tirami etc held back while she pounded Aldern, then she seemed satisfied and faded
  • Vosk was tempted to eat some mold on the wall in the shape of a human, but held off
  • Lots of art of tirami, and some of her missing stuff was down here
  • Aldern had some magic loot
  • found a magic pick under some yellow mold
  • Tirami and Edwina have caught ghoul fever
  • we're about to fight a ghoul bat thing
  • our buff spells have worn off
  • need to consult Father Zanthus about how to de-haunt this place
  • almost noon, 10 Neth 4707
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