RoRL / RoRL-Session7

  • The party finish looting Tsuto, find lots of valuables and his journal, talking about his girlfriend turning into a demon or something after burning her father's body, and also about a raid coming through the smugglers tunnels with some horrible creature
  • We head into the tunnel, and find a complex of rooms under the lighthouse
  • The first creature is a horrible Thassilonian Sinspawn of wrath with a ransuer
  • Its attacks hurt, but it dies pretty easily
  • further on, we find an old prison complex with walkways above it, with two more sinspawn
  • we slay the spawn after some unsucessful acrobatics from Tiraimi and after one spawn claws Edwina into unconsciousness
  • returning to the southmost of the three tunnels leading east we haven't explored yet, it goes past a tiny old shrine filled with unholy water, into a large creepy chapel with a big pool of water and, on a raised balcony, a little pool of glowing red water. A quasit shed its blood into the water, whose glow dimmed, and summoned yet another sinspawn. The quasit looked upset that the pool dimmed. It cast all its spells at us, summoning a lemure and a dire rat, causing Plumpkin and Tiraimi to flee, and causing many tiny dagger wounds from its returning tiny dagger, causing lots of damage to Fulbert. Eventually Black Feather grappled it, pinned it, tied it up, and we shoved it in his backpack and drowned it in the big pool.
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