RoRL / RoRL-Session18

  • checking for traps, headed south through a few hallways into further lower levels of Sandpoint
  • found a pillar with carvings of gold coins
  • found a room with a statue of a runelord and sarcophagi in niches
  • Tiraimi moved in to examine the statue, got jumped by 3 shadows
  • fighting them was tough, tiraimi was killed, we had to kill the shadow that rose from her body
  • Edwina and Orik survived with 1 Str each, had to take off armor
  • Left Lyrie with Shalelu hooded and tied
  • we managed to get the horse across the goblin bridge
  • need to get Tiraimi rez'd
  • finished 11am-ish 7 Lamashan
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