RoRL / RoRL-Session27

  • Woke up. Tiraimi noticed some of her things, like her hairbrush had gone missing
  • The group found signs that a ghast had been there, probably while we were out the previous day
  • Vosk showed up as wel were finishing breakfast, he had some goat cheese with us
  • nice weather to start out, got windy, cloudy and creepy as we approached Foxglove Manor, and the vegetation got more twisted and thorny as we got closer, too. Maybe this explains why the foxglove flowers on the crest had thorns when they usually don't.
  • burnt out outbuilding near the manor, no one had been there recently
  • knocked, place was old moldy and falling apart, no answer
  • inside was lots of taxidermy, including a manticore
  • heard sobbing from upstairs
  • went up, explored rooms, didn't really find much, party members kept hallucinating, sometimes taking damage from them
  • in the attic level, found empty store rooms, got to corner, heard shriek of pain at end of hall
  • eventually got door open, found revenant staring at a mirror.
  • apparently they have some sort of distraction by mirrors, according to Vosk
  • eventually, Fulbert covered the mirror with an old robe, and she said "Aldern, I can smell your fear" and took off down the hall
  • she went to the ground floor central hallway and tore apart the floor. Fulbert got a fire attack from the stuffed manticore, and Tiraimi was wounded by imaginary ghouls, and caught ghoul fever. The smell of a ghast came up from the hole? Ask Felicia if it was a hallucination. If not, it's probably time for casting our 1 minute/level duration buff spells. There's probably about 6 minutes left on Vosk's Hide From Undead, and maybe 16 on our 10 minute/level buffs.
  • finished midmorning 10 Neth 4707
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