RoRL / RoRL-Session23

  • Sheriff sent a messenger, saying there's an urgent problem
  • rode to town, met him, he says there were two murders the night before, and more the night or so before that
  • a couple were seeing each other at the sawmill, and they both were killed - her thrown into a log slicer, him hung on a wall, defaced, and a sihedron carved in his chest, with a note for Tiraimi pinned to him
  • An axe stuck in the floor smelled like rotten meat, with bone fragments stuck in it, sickened BF just from the smell. Muddy footprints also stunk, led to the river dock
  • across the river were footprints leading out of the water and back in, but nowhere else.
  • Ven vinder's daughter was one victim. got him calmed down, looked in her room - nothing much interesting there.
  • Guy who found the bodies was broken up. Not much progress with him.
  • Clerics at cathedral and graveyard ID'd the killer as probably a ghast - no special defenses, but has paralyzing claws and has a diseased bite.
  • next time we plan to head to the sanatorium to meet a survivor of the previous attack on a group of four con men.
  • Finished noon, Neth 9 4707
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