RoRL / RoRL-Session12

  • kept moving fast to keep benefit from shield spell
  • saw goblin dogs, they were chained up, one broke loose
  • party swiftly dealt with goblin dogs
  • kept moving - saw suspicious thrush holding something flying from goblin lair - Fulbert stabbed it - it was carrying a bloody tooth
  • saw cougar and goblin in a vine-y clearing, goblin cast flame blade, entangle
  • Black Feather moved up, took raven form
  • got tripped by cougar, kept slashing at it from the ground - it was really hard to hit, but he, the animals, and especially Edwina eventually took it out
  • goblin tried to escape, but Shalelu hit it with 5 or so arrows in 4 rounds and killed it
  • everyone else mostly spent the time entangled in the goblin's spell
  • got magic leather armor, magic cloak, wands of produce flame and tree shape
  • from sessions 11 and 12, Shalelu earned a total of 830 XP
  • ended midmorning 6 Lamashan
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