RoRL / RoRL-Session19

  • Went back to Sandpoint, got healing and advice from father Zanthus
  • Fulbert bought another riding horse.
  • Woke up, got more healing from Zanthus, rode hard to Magnimar
  • met Bev. Z. at Desna tower, arranged for raise dead the next day
  • Tiraimi was raised, got a restoration
  • BF and T rested a day, F, E, O toured the city
  • Next day, rode back to Sandpoint
  • after that, met with mayor, Fulbert ordered pig armor
  • all went to Thistletop to clean up
  • goblin wives were still there, Orik scared them off to join another tribe
  • we disposed of bodies in Howling Hole, cleaned and gathered Thassilonian relics & info
  • Next day, Tiraimi researched Malfeshnikor with old guys in town
  • Tiraimi can get Restoration on 16th. Barding finished on 21st.
  • Finished evening 12 Lamashan
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