RoRL / RoRL-Session3

Session 3

The PCs have made friends of sorts with the Sheriff, and nearly everyone is town wants to greet and thank them for their help against the goblins.

The Sheriff informs them that some goblins were captured, but they knew only that a human planned the attack. Amidst rainstorms, he asks them to join him in investigating a crypt in the cemetery that houses Father Tobyn's remains, as Father Zantus found the door to the crypt ajar. Upon arrival and despite the rain, they are able to see that six goblins and one medium humanoid climbed the wall and entered the crypt. They left with something heavy.

When they open the crypt, they are attacked by two skeletons. Once they are dispatched, the party finds a robe of bones. It is used up, but Fulbert decides that since it is of good material it is still worth wearing.

After that, they return to the Rusty Dragon, where they are wined and dined by Aldern Foxglove, who they saved from a goblin. He invites them to hunt wild boar with him in the Tickwood. The event is planned for the next day.

Black Feather is asked for help by Shayliss Vinder slaying rats in the basement of her father's store. When they arrive, it turns out that she just wanted to get Black Feather alone for sex. He tells her that she didn't need to pretend. However, before they can get very far, Black Feather's familiar spots her father approaching. He is able to escape before her father discovers him.

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