RoRL / RoRL-Session29

  • On Abjurant Day, travelled to Magnimar to ask Bevalu Zimantiu about travelling to Sandpoint and casting Dispel Evil to remove the haunting from Foxglove Manor
  • Making conversation, she mentioned that there were ritual murders of rich or greedy people happening in Magnimar, and she didn't think that the town guard was really up to stopping it.
  • The next morning, we went to the townhouse, knocked, and were surprised to see Iesha answer the door. She called to "Aldern" that they had guests and escorted us to the dining room, where they attacked us
  • we defeated the shapeshifters, and discovered a hidden cache of Alderns, mentioning delivering money to the 7 Brother's sawmill weekly.
  • finished morning 19 Neth 4707
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