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Farm Description: Sunrise Hill

  • Located east of the hills south of Egan's Wood
  • 6 miles by road/path to Sandpoint, 3 3/4 as the crow flies
  • Farm house
    • Kitchen - Fulbert has a cot in here, and Plumpkin sleeps by the fire
    • Three bedrooms - Thea in one, Edwina and Tiraimi in one, Black Feather and Orik in one
  • Stables
  • Outbuildings - one tool shed, one outhouse
  • Fenced pastures
  • Root cellar
  • Well
  • Hired Thea Cornwallis to cook and watch out for the place.
    • Thea Cornwallis is a 38 year old female human farmer.
      Strength 12 [+1]
      Dexterity 8 [-1]
      Constitution 13 [+2]
      Intellect 10 [0]
      Wisdom 12 [+1]
      Charisma 10 [0]
      Thea is efficient and no-nonsense, but still fairly friendly. She is always ready to cook up something for the PCs, as she really appreciates the job. She was widowed a few years ago, and things have been difficult since then. Now, things are finally looking up. She has two children, 10 and 13, who are staying with a relative. She would like to have them move in with her, but she hasn't gotten up the courage to ask the PCs about this yet.
  • Ameiko recommended Asher Cornwallis for the job of steward. He is a level 3 Farmer (Expert), based on the default Pathfinder farmer.
    • Asher Cornwallis is a 50 year old NG male human farmer. He has extremely long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes eyes. He has smooth dusky skin. He stands 167cm (5'5") tall and has a regular build with an attractive diamond-shaped face. He cannot whistle. He openly worships Nethys, God of magic, spells (Neutral). He has a pet rat companion named Buddy. He has never married, although he did have a secret relationship with the wife of the owner of the farm where he was working in Sandpoint for a while. They were found out a few months ago, and he lost his job. Despite this lapse in judgement, he is generally considered responsible. In general, his personality is proactive and impulsive, but sensible.
      Commoner 1/Expert 3
      Strength 10 [0]
      Dexterity 10 [0]
      Constitution 11 [0]
      Intellect 11 [0]
      Wisdom 14 [+2]
      Charisma 10 [0]
      Animal Affinity, Alertness, Skill Focus(farmer)
      Bluff +5, Craft (carpentry) +5, Diplomacy +5, Handle Animal +6, Heal +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +5, Profession (farmer) +10, Ride +7, Sense Motive +8
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