RoRL / RoRL-Session17

  • Orik let us know there was a trap downstairs somewhere
  • We should take Nuala s father's remains back to sand point in an urn or something
  • 1st room was empty except statues
  • Then was a hallway with a fairly obvious trap, Edwina disarmed it
  • south door was quiet, north had 2 women behind it
  • we prepared, jumped in, and started attacking Nuala
  • Yeth hound was in the room, howled, scared off Shalelu and Lyrie
  • We killed Nuala, Black Feather killed the hound with a crit, Lyrie eventually stopped cowering and surrendered
  • Lyrie dropped her stuff, and shalelu and the dogs were sent upstairs to guard her in her room
  • Finished 11am-ish 7 Lamashan
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