RoRL / RoRL-Session13

  • Auspice the raven flew around and scouted Thistletop Island
  • Low stockade structure, two 30' towers - one with sleeping goblins, one with gambling goblins
  • Around back, 4 goblins w/goblin dogs tormenting a seagull
  • We sneak around back and quietly ambush the goblins and dogs, winning rather quickly
  • sneak inside, sneak up to tower with sleeping goblins, finish them off
  • first room of fort has harpy wings and a bunch of daggers - one is nice w/a pearl handle
  • 4 goblin dogs are in an open courtyard - we kill 3 from the roof, and the last one, wounded, jumps the fence and flees
  • in the courtyard is a boarded-up shack with a warhorse, surrounded by two dead goblins with their heads crushed
  • We leave the horse alone for now, sneak to the gambling goblin tower, sneak up, and finish them off
  • get enough xp to reach 3rd level
  • ended noon 6 Lamashan
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