RoRL / RoRL-Session20

  • summed up research on barghests - they're evil extraplanar outsiders - need magic weapons to be damaged, no elemental resistances, have spell-like abilities including levitation, charm. Also, they eventually become greater barghests and go on to rule tribes of goblins (thanks Shalelu for that last bit)
  • Mayor hooked the party up with a small abandoned farm outside of town
  • We fixed up the farm a bit, hired a woman to live there, caretake, and cook
  • Got some more supplies like holy water and magic weapon scrolls, Tiraimi studied a bit
  • went on patrol, talked with Amiko, checked out the tunnels under sandpoint, checked out almost all the explored areas of Thistletop, fought the tentacle monster, looted the whole place, it was mostly quite calm.
  • Traveled to Magnimar, Tiraimi got her negative level removed, we traveled home.
  • finished evening Lamashan 16
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