RoRL / RoRL-Session21

  • retcon'd to have bought a CLW wand while in Magnimar
  • got Shalelu's help, headed out to thistletop
  • found secret door in sarcophagus room
  • tunnels led to underground tidepool room with cool carvings of a runelord and an old huge spired city
  • giant gold and bronze helm was under water, home to a giant hermit crab.
  • killed crab, found lots of treasure, need to recover helm
  • BF found coin slots in the carving of the treasure piles in the L shaped hall
  • two plain sets of double doors, and one fancy set
  • first plain door led to a dissection room and a weird 7 pointed star that's probably a key
  • 2nd to a room with an illusory image of a runelord - Tiraimi made notes.
  • We buffed with magic
  • fancy door opened with the weird key thing, to an empty room with a magic firepit and candles with a sihedron on the wall
  • Malfeshnekor turned out to be invisible and blinking, but Fulbert has faerie fire
  • quickly rushed in and surrounded him, Mal rolled badly and didn't hit BF
  • lots of magic and stabbing ensued, Tirami got the final blow
  • finished midmorning Lamashan 17
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