ToEEPlayers / ToEE-Session30

We loot the assassin's room - lots of weapons on the wall, a few of some of value.

Searching around the wizard's room we find his secret lab, as well as his decoy with false spellbook. Secret lab had a LOT of magic stuff, including spell books. Also an evil, but non-magic, portable altar to Lolth.

Check back toward level 3, pretty sure the assassin didn't go that way. Follow her the other way - occasionally spot tracks so we're on the right path. Into limestone caves.

Eventually up to bottom of dry well, then up to surface at abandoned farmhouse. 5 horses kept here, signs another one was just taken. We mount up and try to follow trail. Pire takes to the air on ebony fly. We're near Nulb and can follow track to another better kept farmhouse.

Cautiously approach and check it out. The assassin has come and gone, leaving her horse behind. Also left her bloodied armor. We take that and leave a threatening note behind.

Back to the dry well area - checking decrepit farmhouse turns up a hidden room. Bunks, peasant clothes as disguies, and cheap weapons. Plus 100 gp hidden behind a rock in the corner.

Then back to the caves, check alternate path that's also seen traffic. It comes up in the tower outside the temple. Tracks head into the temple. We talk to the brigand guard and ascertain that the brigands were keeping up a safehouse for some people.

We want to talk to the people in charge and eventually end up talking a gnome, whose name and title are lost to memory. We end up knowing: they maintained two safehouses for people in the temple, one by Nulb, one deeper in the woods; there were only two "masters" they know of - the wizard and the assassin.

We tell them they no longer need to keep up the safehouses. And if someone else wants favors from them, let us know. We offer a small bribe to seal the deal.

Then back into the dungeon again - creeping forward, following the wizard's map into the SE corner. A cavern carved to look natural-ish. Some sneak in, others stroll boldly in. Two creatures come out of a cave in the back to meet them.

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