ToEEPlayers / ToEE-Session1

Session 1

After saving the parents of the stable boy Dilys from bandits (GM's note: Moth asks, "Are you guys bandits?"), the party headed into town. They met Elmo at The Welcome Wench and heard of several adventuring opportunities, including the Moat House, a forward base for the minions of the Temple of Elemental Evil. They also visited the tower, in which Rufus and Burne live, where Rufus paid them 5 gp for each bandit (totally 20 gp).

Pire went to the Church of St. Cuthbert, while the other members of the party explored the town. While the others prepared for bed, Pire stood outside the inn lecturing passers by on the evils that could face them and the blessings of St. Cuthbert.

The next morning, the party visited the general store and then headed out to the Moat House. It was a much longer walk than expected, as they had to clear much of the overgrown trail. Eventually, they made it to the Moat House, where they were ambushed by giant frogs! Gnarsh was even swallowed by one! However, the party survived their frog encounter and feasted on the flesh of their vanquished enemies.

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