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Thin-soled Shoes

Summer Version


  • Stretchy Mesh from Seattle Fabrics
  • Leather
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Liquid latex


  1. Plan footbed shape
  2. Cut out footbed
  3. Mold footbed to foot
  4. Attach hardware to footbed
  5. Make pattern for toe cups
  6. Cut out toe cups
  7. Finish edges with fold-over elastic
  8. Attach toe cups to footbed
  9. Paint latex on outside of footbed
  10. Lace up shoe


With the whole foot covered in mesh, it looked a lot like standard water socks. So, I changed the design to include a split in the footbed between the big and next toe. Also, the mesh now only covers the toes, and includes the refective fold over elastic at the edge to get it some power to hold the shoe on the toes.


  • Change footbed pattern
  • Make toe cup pattern
  • Finish shoes from here

Winter Version

Moccasin Patterns

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