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Sewing Projects


When stenciling with colors, first stencil with a mix of mostly white and the color. Let dry. Then, stencil with the color. Otherwise, the t-shirt color overwhelms the paint color.

  • Real elk don't drink tea
    Elk on front, tea cup on back
  • Jason Axeman
  • The stars my destination
  • See you, Space Cowboy
  • Shadowrun/graffiti from games ("Welcome to the shadows, Chummer")
  • Spock?
  • You must gather your party before venturing forth
  • (front) nose, eyes and whiskers from Boo, and text "Go for the eyes", Purple circle from Minsc's head back
    • Black shirt with tan velvet circle, black nose and eyes, thread whiskers. Purple circle on back. Have fabric. Need white text on black.
  • Replacement purple shirt with two color gold star applique (have fabric)
  • Blue shirt with planets (have fabric)

To Do

  • t-shirt and pattern for Sasha
  • 4 pairs compression socks (2 sleep, 2 regular)
  • two pairs of underwear
  • replacement messenger bag/purse
  • messenger bag
  • disco pockets for traveling
  • scarves
  • Godzilla jacket
  • underwear
  • Table runner
  • Nightwear
    • tank, jacket, yoga pants, hat (pink or purple)
    • tank, jacket, yoga pants, hat (blue)
  • Presents
    • Vera and Alice
      • sarafans
    • Anya
      • crocheted bee for camera
    • Laura
      • bat
  • disco pockets
    • rainbow
    • shiny
  • catalogue fabric stores

Needed fabric

  • nightwear
    • 1.5 m stretch material for pants (blue, purple)
    • 0.5 m stretch material for tank plus embellishment material (blue, purple)
    • 2 m fleece or knit for jacket (blue, purple)
    • 0.5 m fleece or knit for hat (blue, purple)
  • Anya's presents
    • yarn for bee
    • 3 m light cotton fabric for a skirt for Anya
  • Laura's present
    • yarn for bat

Not Now


  • Two pairs of button-on sleeves for Indonesia
  • Three t-shirt dresses for Indonesia
  • Winter hats for Lucie - #1 and #2
  • Aiden's Quilt
  • Lucie's beach bag
  • Two vests for mom - denim and red wool
  • Hat for Grandma Katie
  • Quilt for Kenneys
  • Two door quilts - cotton that we already have
  • Steam punk costume pants
  • colored pencil holder - design
  • Anya's cowl
  • Vera and Alice
    • short red cape with hood
  • petticoat (white cotton)
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