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Session 6

Night of Day 10

While the party is resting in the Rope Trick space, Waywocket is having a nightmare. A hideous-looking orcish ghost, Grotarb the Shaman is staring at her. He looks decayed, burned, drowned, and partially torn to pieces, but somehow can still speak, whispering to her... "Trying to take your shiny treasures back to Alain's village of tree witches, are you? Never. Not while I walk the earth..." he then yells "DIE!" and grabs for her throat, waking her and everyone else, who then realize that it's no dream, and a hideous orcish ghost and two shadowy black incorporeal figures are attacking the party in the rope trick hideaway.

When the fight is over there won't be any loot (how could spirits carry it?), but Grotarb did mention a village of tree witches. If they ask about Alain at Witchcross, they'll tell the story of how Alain lived in the Elsir Vale, and witnessed floods, landslides, droughts, and eclipses, and was inspired to craft items in order to study the powers of nature. Once he'd crafted them, he thought he could travel safely, and spent years wandering the vale. Eventually he was killed by orcs in the Giantshield mountains, but shortly thereafter, the orcs vanished, and their shaman was found in a cave, burnt, drowned, and shredded. Hidden among the remains was a jeweled necklace, which the druids rescued and restored.

Day 11

  • Witchcross at 3pm
  • Encounter Druids and get Periapt of the Sullen Sea

Day 12

  • Roadblock
  • Starsong Hill

Day 13

  • Funeral with feasting and dancing

Day 14

  • Going to Rhest
  • Attacked by harpies
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