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Session 18

Day 39

After having fought 6 hill giants, the party heads back into the city to defend the streets. They manage to fend off the waves of attack, but in the end Dulmir is killed. At the command of Lord Jaarmath, they head to the cathedral, where they find that Jaarmath has been attacked by a sniper and hit with a poison arrow. Vreln gives Jaarmath his magic gloves, which are enough to combat his paralysis. Jaarmath gives a scroll of Raise Dead to the party, and they revive Dulmir. Then, he tells them that the sniper is in the coffin-maker's shop. He gives back the gloves.

The party heads to the coffin-maker's shop, where Waywocket sneaks in and spies the ninja. Dulmir tries a transposition spell, but the ninja makes the save. Sagamore flame strikes him, which drops him to the first floor. They chase him out and the lion kills him.

Ulverth tells the group that the General for the Red Hand army is on her way.

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