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Session 16

Day 36

Killed dragon. Teleport back to Brindol. Summoned to Lord Jarmaath. Dwarven mercenaries have left and the army is setting up a fort. Group fireballs fort. Meets with dwarves and agrees to go to Hammerfist Holds to deal with problems. Teleports to the tavern in the Hammerfist Holds. Talks to little old lady. Head up to next town for more info. Talk to old veteran. Prepare to spend the night in town.

Day 37

Meet up with Minni, who is only 20, but has mad tracking skills. Sagamore sends a message to mercenary group, sending them back to Brindol. Minni helps to track in the Holds, but then is sent back. (Wants a real badger pin) Group heads off on horse, tracking the middle group when the hobgoblins split up. After 8 hours, they are only 12 miles ahead.

Day 38

Around midnight, the group rolls into Drellin's Ferry. Tracks a hobgoblin to a house and nabs him when he tries to escape. After killing 2 other hobgoblins, they interrogate the first, who has had his tongue cut out. He gives them some answers, then they kill him. Then they head back to Brindol, having decided that the Holds aren't in danger. In the morning, they talk to mercenaries, then get dragon corpse. Torment horde and then back to Brindol. Arcane lock western gate.

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