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Session 15

Day 32

  • Sagamore begins stoneshaping bridge
  • Dulmir creates a bunch of badgers to dig a trench around town
  • Vreln casts vampiric touch and trains local militia in hobgoblin fighting
  • Dulmir casts nightmare on red dragon, alerting him that someone, probably the "Hopeful Badgers" are trying to screw with him

Day 33

  • Party receives a bottle of mead with a note from Lady Kaal
  • While making badgers, Dulmir gets attacked by an archer
  • They follow him out into the fields, where Dulmir summons hawks to find the archer. Dulmir gets hit in the leg by another poisoned arrow, which does constitution damage. The archer disappears.
  • Dulmir casts nightmare

Day 34

  • Sagamore spends 24 hours hallowing the keep, while Vreln watches
  • Dulmir and Waywocket finish the trench
  • Lady Kaal calls a council meeting
  • Dulmir buys a wand of magic missile
  • USO show
  • Dulmir casts the "Dream" spell, sending Waywocket to taunt dragon

Day 35

  • Try to draw out the dragon, but he just sends a fire mephit with a lock of hair
  • They are annoyed and return to Brindol, where they work on the trench with more badgers

Day 36

  • Tomb of Horrors

For future

  • Plan to attack army at Talar
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