RedHandDoomPlayers / RHoD-Session13Summary

Session 13

Day 28

  • Lady Kaal asks group to search for missing reconnaissance party.

Day 29

  • Party interviews commander, then scrys
  • Teleported to Tarrelton, where they stole a wagon at the end of the baggage train. Waywocket disguised herself as a goblin and drove the wagon. At the lunch break, the party massacred the eating hobgoblins, along with another nearby group. Then, they teleport to Drellin's Ferry, where they wait in ambush for the prison wagon train taking two of the prisoners back to the base.
  • Outside of Drellin's Ferry, they ambush the prison wagon. Reinforcements come - including the red dragon, but they are able to defeat most and evade the dragon, spending the night in an extradementional space.
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