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Rules for Chases

If the speed is the same, then someone needs to speed up or introduce obstacles to accomplish their goal.

If the speeds are different, then the gap between them closes over time.

Pits and Gaps

In a chase, pits and gaps can be excellent obstacles. Speed being equal, the character with the better Jump check modifier is likely to have an advantage during a chase that involves leaping over a gap. A character who fails by less than 5 on a Jump check to clear a gap can attempt a DC 15 Reflex save to grab the lip on the far edge. Pulling up from such an edge requires a move action and a DC 15 Climb check.


As appropriate, impediments can be available in the environment for one character to scatter to slow another down. It could be rubble, a crowd, oil.... Some impediments must be climbed over, some dodged, some require balance checks.


Don't forget to add slopes, like rooftops, to movement.

Types of chases

Interesting locations add potential excitement to chases:

  • Across a series of mountain glaciers
  • Through a cramped sewer
  • Across a rooftop or series of rooftops
  • Through a crowded marketplace
  • Through a series of forest paths
  • Across a series of sand dunes
  • Through a labyrinth of urban alleyways
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