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The Essential Elements of any RPG Situation

In any situation that the players enter (breaking into a building, escaping from a building, exploring a dungeon), there should be some element of challenge, surprise, interaction and the usefulness of skills.

The players could encounter some of the following:

  • a character who has the opposite feelings towards the players that the setting has (someone who dislikes them in a friendly situation or someone who is helpful in a dangerous setting)
  • a neutral NPC who can be convinced to do something
  • a droid, computer, datapad or communications channel that can be hacked
  • a mechanical item that can be modified for their purposes
  • something or someone that isn't where it/they are supposed to be
  • thieves or other criminals
  • damage, construction, repairs or unexpected changes to the map
  • unexpected security measures
  • someone who is wounded
  • a moral dilemma
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