One-shots / SH-AnyasParty-CryforHelp

A Cry for Help

The group is in the санаторий "Белые Ночи" в Сестрорецк, в читальном зале. Вы уже позавтракали, и до обеда, у вас нет дела.

Make a perception check. Those who make it hear:

A child outside is crying for help! His dog (Тотошка, мальтезе, маленькая, всегда гавкать) has been stolen!

  • He was playing Pokemon and didn't see who did it, but he does have pictures of his dog on his phone.
  • His mother named the dog.
  • He is going to be in such big trouble when he gets home.
  • His mother says that Ирина Александровна at the pet food store knows everything about everyone's pets in town.

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