Main / PlacesToSeeInRussia

  • Lake Baikal (via trans-siberian rail?)
  • Tomsk (as long as we're seeing Baikal...)
  • Karelia (so close, so pretty...)
  • Forts/castles near St. Petersburg
  • Kizhi? (UNESCO doesn't usually steer us wrong...)
  • Kaliningrad? (it's fairly close, there are castles)
  • Derbent? (Is it too sketchy?)
  • Tuva? (close to baikal, throat singing is cool, but not really much to see)
  • Perm? (It's a stop on trans-siberian railway)
  • Sochi? (we've already seen a southern russia resort town...)
  • Crimea? (sketchy legally... maybe ivan and hella would like to visit with us?)
  • Kamchatka? (suuuper remote, and not a whole lot to see)
  • Northern Lights in Murmansk? (we could always see the northern lights in finland...)
  • Mount Elbrus? (probably not, lots of work, I don't care too much)
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