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Torel Sellek is missing. He's quite short, thin brown hair, hazel eyes. Rugged clothes. Had gloves out on night of disappearance, and was talking about how he wanted to get some boots to match from the same place. 50% anyone talking with him is in any given night, up to 90% on Fireday. Old woman watched him & Thildise walk along the street, likely out whenever the party looks for her.

Hungry Halfling is almost always packed, it's dingy but tolerable, with somewhat limited food and beverage choices, but what they have is tasty and cheap. The owner is rather attractive, and generous with the servings. The vast majority of patrons drink heavily and in the evenings are generally armed and shady-looking.

His wife, Stouillda is pleasant but bland, and quite simple. She has uneven copper hair and yellowy-brown eyes, and wears travel-worn clothing and a blue cloak. She has information, a map, or treasure with some information that could lead to dwarvenhearth (or possibly just Kaled Del.) She has fled to the city after stealing an elven (drow) treasure. 10,10,10,6,6,10 Trained in Handle Animal (+4)

Partner Bertio, tall heavyset human male, long grey hair, walks with a staff, working to help his family's finances.

Wene - stout redheaded female brewery worker, Str 13, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 14, likes simple humor.

Aram - Dwarven priest at St. Darius' Chapel, Guildsman District. 11, 8, 9, 12, 15, 13. Curly white hair, hazel eyes; fair and thoughtful.

Finy - Human male bouncer at Hungry Halfling. 18, 12, 15, 8, 13, 10. Long greying hair, light brown eyes, banded mail, blames trolls for everything.

Aedad - HumFem old magus, 12 10 14 16 11 9, silver hair, blue eyes, bored, bright eyed, was the one who saw Thildise following Torel.

Thildise, FHumRog std lea, s.sword, sap, square face, black hair, dark blue eyes, aggressive, perverse, 11,17,16,9,7,6

There is a brawl at the Hungry Halfling, when four members of the brewers guild and three hired thugs start a fight, with the intention of intimidating the patrons, who were among the last to see Torel - the brewers have therefore decided that the patrons must be responsible, or at least know something they're not telling. Their planted agent slipped the bouncer a doped drink, and so he passed out before the thugs arrived.

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