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Hallyr Narcissar

Hallyr Narcissar hails from Kyonin, and carries forth some of the older military traditions of his homeland. He was born into a miltary family that claimed the bloodline of Malachiel Narcissar, a notable hero of ancient times. His family actually believed him Hallyr to be the reincarnation of Malachiel himself, and were eager to foist upon him that mantle, and send him forth to prove himself as a leader of elves. He faied miserably.

The Gnolls had banded together under the banner of a particularly charismatic Gnollish chieftan. The chieftan desired to take some of the elven lands for their own. With the assistance of a cabal of necromancers, he had already led forays into the elven lands and had slaughtered several villages. Hallyr, though lacking experience in command, was chosen to lead one wing of a counterattack. He was given a bow said to have been made by the hero Malachiel, and was told to do the bow's maker proud.

Hallyr did not feel ready, but he accepted the task. He led a company of infantry and archers to one of the villages and was ambushed by the gnolls and their undead minions. He was not able to coordinate his men under pressure, and, after losing nearly all of his company, was knocked unconscious and left for dead in a root cellar.

Days later, he was found and healed by a wandering human priest of Sarenrae. The priest, Salazin Vett, after healing his physical wounds, still found in Hallyr a deep psychological scar. Hallyr felt he had nothing to return to, so joined the wandering priest. Through him, he learned the faith of Sarenrae, and they became close friends, traveling far and wide until the priest retired from adventuring, raised a family and eventually died of old age.

Hallyr eventually found himself in a monastary devoted to the Dawnflower, and learned from the monks there. He embraced their asceticism quite a bit, and divested himself of all but a few traces of his former life. After witnessing the frailty of the shorter-lived races, he feels it is all the more important to live life fully, and protect it when able. He then formed an alliance with a few other like-minded individuals andsought to do good in the world. This resulted in a run-in with a medusa... and the petrification of Hallyr.

Hallyr is 160ish years old, but was born about 1400 years ago. He remained petrified for a very long time. As a result, current geography, politics and customs may be odd to him.

Magic item value: ~16970gp

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