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After dealing with the druid, the party spends a few days getting settled with Little Bugger and finishing up Petunia's spear. On Sunday the 24th, they are finally ready to explore beyond the hidden passageway. They find a stone door, covered in various symbols and indentations, as well as a portcullis blocking a room with a chest in it. In another room they find a winch. It looks like it might lift the portcullis, but Petunia also notices a trap on it. Standing to one side, the avoid the trap and open the portcullis.

Beyond the portcullis is a room containing little more than a single chest. LB investigates, and reports back that no one had peed on it. Vin opens it, discovering a flaming undead skull and two crawling claws. They are defeated with some difficulty, with Vin taking some splash damage from Petunia's fire bomb. The claws are wearing toothed bracelets, that when placed in the sickle and moon recesses of the stone wall, cause it to open. Beyond the stone door is a rough plinth supporting a well-made sickle, and pair of spiked manacles. Besides these relics, the room doesn't seem particularly evil. Petunia speculates about a god of hidden underground chambers.

Exploring down the hallway past the winch, there is another room empty of anything beyond a few empty and broken grain crates. LB reports that other rats have peed on these. P casts detect secret doors, and discovers that there is one that used to lead to the sewers, although it is currently blocked and broken. No other secret doors are found.

They head to Rastor's Weapons, and he identifies the sickle, discusses weapon prices, shows off a weapon kata, and buys the sickle for 420 gp. By this point it is around 11.

Other stuff happens, next day, P finds place for rat gear, owner also has contact with Brotherhood of Redemption - monks! ('cause Vin was having trouble finding any)

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