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Name details: Details about the character's name, like a middle name or names, patronymic, maiden name, or nickname, plus any special meaning associated with the name.
Birth date
Death date (if the character is dead)
Death Details: If the character is dead, describe the cause and location of death.
Gender and Gender Expression: Describe the character's gender. This includes biological sex (what the doctor assigned the character at birth and any subsequent changes), how the character feels about their gender, how the character presents themselves, and how the others see the character. If the character is a disembodied voice, describe how the character's voice would be perceived in terms of gender, if any.
Birthplace Description: Where was the character born?
Species Description: Describe the character's genetic background.

Height (can be a description, like "unusually short")
Body Type, body frame, body fat, muscle tone, body hair, body hair coloring
Face shape
Eye Details: Describe the character's eyes, including color, ethnic characteristics, and other outstanding traits.
Forehead: Describe any features on the character's forehead, like horizontal wrinkles, a furrow between the eyebrows, or a widow's peak hairline.
Ears: Describe the character's ears.
Hair Style: Describe charcter's hair style. This can also be used to describe the character's scalp or other distinctive features on top of the character's head, like horns or tentacles.
Hair Color: Describe charcter's hair color (including natural color and dyed). This can also be used to describe the color of the character's scalp or other distinctive features on top of the character's head.
Facial hair
Skin Color
Skin Type: Describe the character's skin. Is it oily, dry, red, or prone to breakouts? Does the character have wrinkles, moles, age spots, freckles, scars, callouses, tattoos, or birthmarks?
Describe nose
Describe mouth
Dental Hygiene: Describe the character's dental hygiene and the condition of their teeth. Do they have crooked teeth or orthodontic problems, bad breath, chipped or missing teeth? Do they take excellent care of their teeth?
Facial Features: Describe any other facial features the character has, like birthmarks, tusks, mandibles, or scars.
Hands: Describe charcter's hands. Are they large or small? Are the fingers long, thin or thick? Are the tips rounded or flat? Are the fingernails long with polish or short and ragged? Are the nails thin or the fingers bent? Are the knuckles prominent?
Smell: Describe the character's smell. Does the character smell like the ocean, gun oil, metal, cinnamon, soap, musk, a favorite lotion, ozone, flowers, bad breath, rotting meat, socks?
Health Complaints: Does the character have any health problems? Bad vision, knee pain, back pain, hearing problems, cancer, a rare disease, muscular/skeletal problems, immune disorder, respiratory disorder, food allergies, alopecia, albinism?
Physical Characteristics: Describe any other notable physical characteristics.
Stance: Describe the character's stance (relaxed, stiff, slouched).
Walk: Describe the character's walk (lumbering, scampering, limping).
Common Gestures: Describe common gestures the character uses, like cracking knuckles, shrugging, playing with hair.
Facial Expression: Describe the character's common facial expressions.
Clothes and Shoes: Describe the kind of clothes and shoes the character wears.
Cosmetics: Describe the cosmetics and grooming products the character uses, like lipstick, hairspray, aftershave.

How strong is the character's sex drive?
How is the character sexually aroused (turned on)?
How easily can the character reach an orgasm?
Are the character's orgasms satisfying?
Does the character find physical elements of gender, like breasts, narrow hips, wide hips, or delicate features, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find cultural/social elements of gender, like clothing or behavior, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find a deviation from gender stereotypes, like the presence of physical characteristics of more than one gender in one individual or the lack of a gender characteristic, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find elements of age, like the bodies of teenagers or life experience of mature adults, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find intelligence, or the lack thereof, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find personality traits, like being funny, shy, or aggressive, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Does the character find social or financial status, like being rich, powerful, or a a social outsider, attractive? Explain in what way they do or do not.
Describe any aspects of the character's sexuality that was not covered in previous questions, like a preference for multiple partners, a kink, or sexual attractions based on some other element.
Describe how the character feels about romance and what they find romantic. Are they romantically attracted to someone other than those who they are physically or intellectually attracted to?

Total number of siblings
Total number of living siblings
Place in sibling birth order
Relationships within Family: Describe the relationships within the character's family.
Describe the character's history somewhat briefly.
Describe the character's family's religion and how important it is to them.
Describe the character's religion and how important it is to them.
Describe the character's parents' occuptions
Describe the character's family's traditions.
Describe any relatives of the character's of note.
Character's Family's Financial Situation Growing Up
Character's Current Financial Situation
Describe the character's education.
Describe the character's occupation.
Does the character have children? How many? Describe the character's relationship with his or her children, if there are any. If the character has no children, do they want to have children? If they have children, did they want them?
Current Relationship Status
Describe the character's romantic life. What does the character want from their romantic life? Are they happy alone? Do they desperately want a partner?
Describe the character's home and personal life.
List any friends that the character would consider important.
Describe the character's reputation.
Describe the groups the character is affiliated with.

Describe the vocabulary the character uses.
What language or languages does the character speak? Which language or languages are native, and which are learned? Why did the character learn (or not learn) languages beyond their native one?
List any distinctive voice or speech traits, like an accent, a lisp, stutter or use of slang terms from a particular culture. Is the character's voice high or low? Is it rough, smooth, yawny, wobbily, bright?
Describe the character's motto or favorite phrases.
Describe the character's special talent.
Describe the character's hobbies.
Describe any keepsakes the character has.
Favorite food
Favorite color
Favorite outfit
Favorite passtime
Favorite literary genre
Favorite items
Favorite animal
Favorite musical genre
Favorite plant or flour
List things that really annoy the character.
Describe the character's sense of humor.

Personality traits: how open is the character to new experiences?
How conscientious is the character? How reliable, prompt, organized?
How extraverted or intraverted is the character?
How agreeable, friendly, cooperative is the character?
How neurotic is the character? How emotionally stable? Is the character moody or tense?
List things any mental health issues that this character has. Depression, anxiety, paranoia?
Describe the character's fears.
Describe the character's weaknesses and shortcomings.
Describe the character's hopes and dreams.
In what way is this character desperate?
Describe what is at stake for the character and what the consequences are.
Describe the character's most and least self-serving actions within the plotline of the story.
Describe the character's immediate and long-term goals.
Describe the character's prejudices.
Describe the character's political stance (conservative, liberal, political, apolitical).
Describe the character's philosophical, superstitious, religious and political beliefs.
Describe the character's moral code.
Describe the character's strengths.
Describe the character's secrets.
How does character deal with his or her personal information?
How reliable is the character's memory?
To hurt this person, what would one do? What kind of a reaction would they get?
In what way is does this character deviate from their type, how are they different from what we would expect?

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