Main / Bookbinding


  1. Make document
  2. Convert document to PDF
  3. Make signatures (groups of pages) using Bookbinder 3.0
  4. Print signatures
  5. Cut out fancy front and back pages and add to stack of signatures
  6. Sew signatures
  7. Following these instructions, glue the text block (group of sewing together signatures) together
  8. Make cute little headbands
  9. Glue text block to a piece of fabric and glue the fabric to the end pages
  10. put some waxed paper between the end pages and the signatures and then put it in a clamped press (between some wood clamped together) to dry overnight
  11. Measure and cut out the front and back pieces of the book from book board
  12. This page says you should use thin card stock (the 120lb paper I have should be fine) for the spine
  13. Glue to spine fabric to paper
  14. Create the outside material and follow to end
  15. Glue the board to the outside material
  16. Fold and glue outside material
  17. Glue text block in
  18. Glue heavy interior pages to outside material
  19. Put back in press to dry
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