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The party will most likely try to hunt down the local basilisk in order to return Yelda Hackenburg's family from petrification. It is possible that they may try to smoke the basilisk out if they find it in its cave (it will take 2d4x10 minutes for the fire to get fully ablaze without unusual methods), or possibly set up an avalanche, although that will only deal 'slide zone' damage. The creature has a +10 modifier in both Perception and Stealth.

The chance of finding the basilisk in its lair varies depending on the time of day and the weather. It has similar habits to a snake, preferring to lie on rocks in the sun, lurk in wait for prey, or curl up in its den. The basilisk can be found in the area north of Lodell, west of the river and mountains, and as far north as the hills that ring the grassland closest to the Iron Peaks. To get to its lair, head one hex SW and three more W from Twintooth.

For each hex searched, a d30 and a d12 is rolled. The d30 is the number of days since the basilisk spent time in that hex. The DC to notice a trace of it is 15+the number of days, although a day of rain resets the count back to zero. Finding its lair while in the appropriate hex is base DC 15. The d12 is for the chance of a random encounter, which occurs on a 1. Then roll 1d8+1d12 for the encounter?. Encounters will take place at a distance of 2d6x10 feet in rugged hills, or 2d10x10 feet in rolling hills.

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