Deadlands1 / Session6

Mac and Dr Wolf hear commotion coming up the path. Half a dozen Indians are coming up the path single file carrying bows and rifles; they spot the two white men crouching by the rocks. Mac stands up, "Stop, in the name of the law!" The Indians stop in their tracks.

Mac, "We're here to retrieve the white people you have in custody. What do you want in return? We also demand you leave the land of the Yaqipi."

The war chief says, "For the hostages, we'll take 20 rifles or $200. But we will never leave these lands."

Mac, "We have a deal for the white folk. But what would it take for you to leave these lands."

No reason to leave - look at we have, have secure village, pathetic white soldiers on the run.

Mac, "If you do not leave you have to face the combined forces of the Yavapai, and the US marshal service!" He flashes the badge. (rolls a 31 compared to 7!)

The war chief looks thoughtful; his braves are very fearful. "I will not give up these lands cheaply!" He demands $300 and 20 rifles, plus safe passage back to his home range in the north, plus a guarantee that the marshals won't attack his lands. Come back when we have the money and the rifles, and we will exchange the hostages."

Mac offers to exchange the $200 now for the hostages and return later with the rest. The chief doesn't want to. Mac fixes him with a stare - the chief will give up a whining old man for now.

Two braves stay behind as the rest head down to the village. A brave returns five minutes later dragging an old missionary with him.

Up top, Father Michael and Judith have rounded up the Indians and they are sent down the path to the village.

Michael and Judith ride back to the fort, with the missionary (on Mac's horse) and two posse members. On the way, we talk to the missionary - there are 20 Apache, plus the war chief, maybe a few more. There are some Yavapai women who are being held as servants. They don't have much in the way of rituals.

At the fort, we are escorted in to see Lieutenant Glasher again. We explain that we've negotiated that they'll leave in exchange for $500 and 20 rifles. They'll released Father Black as a sign of good faith. There was a reward of $1000 for the head of the leader, so half that is a fair price. He'll arrange with the quartermaster to have the money and rifles handed over to us. We're headed over to the quartermaster, and given our due plus a $200 reward.

We arrange with the missionary to come with us to Vulture City - he can stay at the church with us and minister to the settled Yavapai near us. He'll stay at the fort for now until we return after paying the ransom. We ride back and meet up with Mac, Dr Wolf, Onatah, and the rest of the posse.

Mac goes halfway down the trail and hollers down, "We have your money and your guns."

A whole bunch of Apache, plus Laura and 4 Yavapai, come up. We show them the money and the rifles. He pushes Laura and and the Yavapai women up, then they take the money and rifles and promise to leave that night.

We make camp at the top of the hill - a dinner of beans and biscuits. We set watches - one PC with a posse member each. Dr Wolf takes the second watch - he notices a brave watching them, but no one is sneaking up on them. Same throughout the other watches that night. Father Michael has the last watch.

Friday, March 16

Just as the sun is coming, five Indians pop up out of the grass!

The awake posse member (renamed Dead Eye Bruce, a local tinsmith) spots them as they rise, shouts "Indians!" and shoots an Indian who falls off the cliff. He shoots again, taking another in the chest who falls off the cliff. Father Michael is startled to notice the two Indians near him and fires, hitting one in the leg.

The Indian nearest Dead Eye Bruce rushes in with his war club, hitting him in the guts, but he's only bruised. The one Father Michael shot throws a knife and would have cut an artery had not the rifle stock gotten in the way (4 Fate to prevent wounds). The other raises a rifle and fires at Father Michael, grazing his side (2 more Fate and a Light wound)

Dead Eye Bruce fires at the Indian who hit him, and kills that Indian. Miss Judith scrambles to her feet and fires at an Indian. A posse member (Lightning Dan) fires his rifle at the Indian who threw a knife at Father Michael. That Indian is shot and curses the Lightning Dan before falling off the cliff.

The war leader comes on scene - rebukes the Indians who attacked, the last one standing leaps off the cliff. They were not sent by him. The Apache below are packing up to leave.

Two Yavapai braves ride up along the cliff from far away. They come up to Onatah and tell her that word has come that the Apache are leaving. There will be a cleansing ritual at the well and we are invited to the ceremony.

We attend - there is dancing and chanting and drumming - herbs and powders flung into a fire. Bright flash, Father Michael's minor wound is completely healed. Onatah is given a bear claw necklace - that grants her the ability to call a Favor, Strength of the Bear. Onatah also lets us know that Unholy Dan, formerly Lightning Dan, is no longer cursed.

On the way back we decide to visit Montezuma's Castle to see where the Indians were encamped and explore it but don't find much of note.

In the end we ride back to Vulture City on another hot day - close to sundown when we come in. The deputy has been drunk and so Mac looks him in a cell for the night as punishment.

Father Michael heads to the church with Father Black and Laura to get them settled in town. Father Black at the church and Laura gets a room nearby. She'll be able to cook and clean and do some secretarial work at the church. She has a small income from her father's investments so she won't need pay from the church.

Mac heads over to see Huddleston. As he's on his way in, a doctor is on the way. The doctor complains about how much Huddleston has been complaining about his belly wound - ought to be ready to ride by tomorrow, but the way he complains... Mac decides not to visit Huddleston then.

Saturday, March 17th

Dead Eye Bruce is formally deputized.

The other deputy is in his cell and rude. Mac says he'll let him out if the deputy is somewhat civil.

The paper this morning has rumors of incursions by Mexican forces into Southern Arizona. The town nearby is now officially named Pheonix by the man running the local stage stop (Dr Philip Darrel Dupa). The paper also has grandoise stories about our deeds - saving several towns and driving out Indians.

At 10 AM - John Huddelston shows up asking Mac when he'll be ready to travel. Mac asks if he's fit to travel, and John complains about his wound but says he's able to travel. They decide to leave today.

Dr Wolf has received his printed handbills. "Dr Wolf, hero of Vulture City, seeks a tutor in the art of knife fighting, in return for which he will instruct them in the art of swordfighting." He's accosted by several people as he's putting up handbills who want to learn swordfighting. By noon he's found someone willing to teach when he returns.

Father Michael arranges to have Father Black hold mass tomorrow.

Mac leaves Deputy Bruce behind to watch the town and will bring the drunken deputy, John Love, with them instead. Mac searches the deputy and relieves him of a couple of flasks before we leave.

On the trip: the PCs, John Love, and John Huddleston. Huddleston drives the wagon, Mac rides shotgun, and Dr Wolf perches on top; their horses tied to the back of the wagon. We head southeast toward Phoenix and the White Tank Mountains. It should take most of the day to get to Phoenix.

As we ride, Onatah notices the water level is high in the washes. As the sun is coming down, we ride into Phoenix, which is pretty much a one street town at this point. Mac finds the local lawmen, a father (65) and youngest son (15). Mac tells him that Mac's a sheriff and been asked by the Confederate government to transport this stage. He's allowed to park the stage out front and camp out in the sheriff's office. Mac doesn't trust John Francis so he's spending the night handcuffed to the carriage to watch over it.

As we check into the rooming house, we're recognized as "The Heroes of Vulture City" and people gather to ask us questions. Mac is talking to John Huddleston about his background - he's from South Carolina, from a mining family, moved to Texas as a kid, joined up in the army as soon as he could and transferred farther West, based in Santa Fe. Mac hears a distinct bird call - a Marshal's sign - it came from behind the jail. Mac says he's got to stretch his legs and take a little walk and do some reconnaissance. Mac leaves and sneaks to the back of the jail.

As he comes around the corner, he hears a grizzled voice say "God, I could have heard you from Prescott." He introduces himself as David Lennox, a US Marshal, working in Southern Arizona and was caught behind enemy lines. He's looking for a place to hole up. Mac asks if he can ride. David says he can. Mac sends him back to Vulture City with a note for Deputy Bruce "Dead Eye" County saying to let him stay as long as necessary.

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